The National Bloc to “the confessional parties”: Your partisans will not believe you… they share the same problems as the people of the revolution

The Lebanese National Bloc party noticed that the “confessional parties”, after they failed to create a sectarian or regional divide amongst the people of the revolution, are now trying to convince their partisans that the revolution is against them.

The party highlighted that the revolution is against the “confessional parties” and their leaders, and certainly not against the supporters of those parties, many of whom have joined the revolution in the streets and in the squares. The party asked: aren’t those citizens similar to the revolutionaries? don’t they suffer from the same problems: exclusion, deprivation, poverty and migration? Haven’t they all been humiliated enough by the by clientelist practices of political leaders? Aren’t the public funds, which have been squandered by corruption and nepotism of the “confessional parties”, theirs too?

Stressing that the claims of the revolutionaries are the same whatever their political beliefs, the Party asserted that the State bankruptcy and the economic collapse will impoverish all the citizens regardless of their political affiliations. 

The Party concluded its statement by addressing the “confessional parties”,asking them not to give their partisans the illusion that they will be saving them from bankruptcy. Indeed, the confessional parties are the source of the country’s bankruptcy, and because of their sufferings and their past experience, partisans will not believe them this time.

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