National Bloc calls for an independent government to avoid violence

The Lebanese National Bloc party stressed that there are only two solutions to the crisis in the country: either replace the Lebanese people, or to form an independent and sovereign government of competent specialists. Since the first solution is impossible, refusing the implement the second will lead to an explosive situation.  The Bloc added that it should not be surprising for the uprising to increase in its intensity closing more roads and taking over the streets and government headquarters.

In a statement, the Bloc noted that tens of institutions and businesses are closing leaving tens of thousands unemployed on a daily basis.  The only thing that the current parties in power are talking about is “improving the situation” with the upcoming government based on new alignments in parallel to regional events.  The Bloc added that hospitals are in danger of closing, medicines are running out, and all the rhetoric of the parties in power remains about “exercising influence”.

The Bloc also noted that the parties in power are proposing to include their politicians in the government stressing that 40 billion dollars of waste, half of the public debt, was the result of politicians trying to solve the electricity issue in the country through nepotism, quotas, and corruption, with the country still struggling in the dark. The solution will not come as a result of those politicians throwing accusations at each other after the demonstrations forced them to admit their many defeats and exposed their corruption.

If the politicians in the parties in power ignore the demands of the demonstrators, how will they be able to explain the random hiring of over 240,000 of their supporters in government positions since 1990? The Bloc stated that with the deterioration of the exchange rate of the Lebanese pound the purchase power of people’s salaries has decreased by half, and asked if the regular people will be able to afford luxuries like the politicians can, and if people will be able to cope with the decrease in the purchase values of their salaries.

The Bloc concluded its statement by stressing that the people who were able to expel all forms of occupation will not be humiliated and starved, and will definitely not sit silently as their life savings are robbed.  Humiliation does not only come from outside occupation, dignity is not exclusive to fighting external occupiers; it is also in fighting the internal occupation that this existing government represents.

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