National Bloc: Border demarcation and government formation in the hands of incompetents

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Even when it comes to substantial questions, such as the border demarcation negotiations, the regime members in Lebanon, which is based on power-sharing quotas, are bickering among themselves to manage the negotiations according to their quotas, instead of the concept of the “state” as a whole, and the interests of the Lebanese.         

The Parliament Speaker announces the framework agreement to negotiate the demarcation, and refers the file to the Lebanese President, who in turn appoints the delegation members. Then, the Shiite duo rejects the nomination of civilians as part of the delegation. Eventually, the Premiership objects to the lack of coordination with it regarding the composition of the delegation, citing the Constitution... This is the "state" that is negotiating today. Disparate groups that are always barricaded, alert and mobilized to protect their interests. They are mere puppets in the hands of external patrons fighting among themselves in order to snatch roles and fulfil foreign agendas, always at the expense of Lebanon's sovereignty and wealth.

For the same reasons, consultations to name a PM are either canceled or postponed, to take into account quota allocations.

What good can the citizens expect from a government, which the same sects’ parties are still insisting on forming themselves, with the same mentality that brought us to “hell”?!

Citizens will not expect any good or reform from that government, and the maximum that it can achieve is "begging” for one or two billion from the international community to cover its expenses in the service of the same ruling establishment. As for the "New Lebanon,” whose features appeared on October 17, it will not stop confronting this establishment until toppling it... and it will be toppled.

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