National Bloc: Aoun is fueling sectarian fanaticism and sowing discord... Akkar only believes in citizenship

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

President Michel Aoun’s allusion to extremists’ responsibility for the Al-Tleil explosion in Akkar is condemned for two reasons:

- Akkar has shown, since the October 17 uprising, how similar it is to other Lebanese regions: its people only believe in citizenship and only aspire to build a state, rejecting statelets.

- President Aoun's comments are part of the tactic adopted by all other parties in power to inflame sectarian fanaticism in a bid to sow discord among the Lebanese and divide them into warring tribes.

This logic is rejected. It constitutes a complete failure in the attempt to promote discrimination between the citizens. Here, the leader appears to protect his followers in the face of others, with the sole objective of clinging to power and maintaining it. The only solution is to topple this Establishment and form an opposition, which has a political, economic, and social project of building the state of all, and for all.

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