National Bloc: A ruling system specialized in disruption techniques; most recently undermining judiciary

The National Bloc released the following statement:

The political class is being vocal in public statements about the need to bolster the role of the judiciary and empower it at all levels in order to promote accountability and fight corruption. But at the same time, it is doing everything possible to limit, disrupt, and control its role.

Hence, there is no quorum in the Constitutional Council,

There is no quorum in the Supreme Judicial Council, and

The new judicial nominations are still hindered by decision-makers!

Oversight over Parliament’s activities and rulings on electoral objections are currently suspended, as the Constitutional Council can no longer meet after the death of Judge Antoine Breidi, on the pretext that the quorum is not present.

Similarly, the Supreme Judicial Council's role will be hampered following the end of its seven non-mandatory members’ mandate after May 20. Since this Council will be unable to meet because it does not have six members at least, it will no longer be able to conduct transfers and secondments and to form the Disciplinary Council... More seriously, its inability to appoint heads of chambers in the Court of Cassation will hinder the existence of the latter’s General Assembly and its role in the legal and judicial process, as it is the highest court of last resort in Lebanon.

It is clear that the independent judiciary poses a threat to the ruling system that is inflicting injustice and undermining people's rights, and to the positions of its main actors, their wealth, their shares, and their corruption. Therefore, this system attempts to attack it, either by disrupting or politicizing it by issuing "partial" judicial nominations based on the usual power-sharing quotas, or by "advisory rulings" in violation of the law...

The judiciary is the last glimmer of hope for Lebanon's salvation. The best evidence is the courage we are witnessing of some judges enjoying integrity and independence, and referring to law and conscience.

What is really needed is not impossible. The independence of the judiciary in order to become a real authority, which is motivated by conscience, courage, and knowledge, contributes to restoring the state of law, and works for the public interest, to achieve justice and protect human rights.

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