National Bloc: the 8 and 14 of March movements on one team

The Lebanese National Bloc Party noted that the attempt to hold a legislative session of the House of Representatives yesterday has several implications, the most dangerous of which being that the government seems to be reiterating the loss of its legitimacy.  The way deputies had to sneak into the House of Representatives while others did so in the dead of night or with heavily armed convoys was in no way characteristic of the representatives of the people.  

The National Bloc noted in a statement that those representatives did not abide by the wishes of their constituents to pressure the presidency into conducting binding parliamentary consultations, appointing a prime minister, and forming an independent, sovereign, mini-government of able specialists, with expanded powers. 

According to the party, it has become apparent that the deputies are only left with seeking the protection of their supporters in order to arrive to the House of Representatives as happened yesterday.  This leads one to wonder whether the demands of those deputies are not the same of those of the demonstrators, and weren’t they the ones who elected the deputies in 2018 from the political parties supporting the government-(granted that the voter turnout was only at about 48%).  Haven’t the “parties-sects” led the voters astray with instilling fear of the “others” in their hearts, and forced the people to support humiliating indebtedness?

The party also warned about the new trend to create a vertical division between the 8 and 14 March movements, by insinuating that deputies who abstained from attending the session were mostly from the parliamentary bloc attributed to the March 14 movement.

The party stressed that this team or its “March 8” opponent, represent one team to the demonstrators; one that has in common the vices of quotas, waste of public resources, and disagreements about involvement in foreign relations.

The National Bloc asserted that this apparent division amongst the March 8 and March 14 movements is irrelevant to the demonstrators and to the sovereign revolution that is demanding the rule of law and the dignity of citizens.  If the deputies are to retain what remains of their legitimacy, they need to answer to the demands of the people and form an independent government instead attempting to pass laws including that of the general amnesty.

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