National Bloc: A National agricultural plan that creates added value and integrates the agricultural calendars

In the absence of a national plan for agriculture in Lebanon that includes the production of value-added varieties and provides the necessary subsidies to help farmers stay on their land, The Lebanese National Bloc sees that there will be a great waste of agricultural wealth that has not yet been recognized by the state, and that there will be an increase in the suffering of farmers.

The Bloc stated that the proper use of the land and its exploitation based on international standards can provide high quality agricultural products at competitive prices, allowing for those products to be imported to foreign markets.

State support and subsidies for specific crops are necessary, asserts the Bloc, as the funds spent will help keep farmers on their land and thus create greater economic as well as a social returns. The preservation of the ecosystem and rural lifestyle will have a positive effect on both the physical and psychological health of citizens, not to mention cementing the traditions of social solidarity which Lebanon desperately needs to spread and strengthen.

The party stressed that the development of a similar plan will also allow for the disposal of domestic production without external competition, similar to what happened with the potato harvest, thus integrating the agricultural calendar of Lebanon with its surroundings.

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