Nahr-El-Kalb construction is an attack on a component of Lebanon’s culture

The construction of a building in close proximity to the historical Nahr-El-Kalb plaques is an infringement on a Lebanese cultural feature, regardless of the responsible party.

History is not always holy nor is it always bright, however it is comprised of the facts that have made us what we are today.   History is the mirror we look through towards our future, without necessarily staying bound to it.  We must be aware that this past and this future are what give the present its meaning.  If we are to eliminate either of those two shore lines, we are only left with a short sighted present, one that is selfish and separate from our partners of the past and the future.

It is our duty as citizens to refuse to put in the last nail in the coffin of our future even if political parties and religious powers abandon their responsibilities in this matter.

Therefore, we ask all citizens to contribute to boycotting this project by all civilized means available to them.


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