Ministerial Statement written by demonstrators this past weekend

The Lebanese National Bloc Party stated that the latest demonstrations illustrated the failure of the government’s plans to derail the revolution by infiltrating the demonstrations with their supports.  This past weekend sectarian and regional barriers were broken again with demonstrators coming to Tripoli from all regions of Lebanon, even after attempts to isolate this city on sectarian basis.

In its statement, the Bloc said that banners with such slogans as “the rejection of the pharaohs of war and its political system” were raised to show that people believe that the ministers of the current government are only the advisers of former ministers and ruling parties, and that they bare no characteristics of independence.

The Bloc noted that the demonstrators are adamant about continuing the struggle no matter how long it takes in order to save Lebanon by stating that: “The revolution in Lebanon is not for a day or a month or a year; it is a historical process”. Sunday was a day of creativity in Martyr’s square and it was in defiance to loss of hope in the shadow of very difficult times. It was day to hold fast to Lebanon’s civility and for the victory of life over despair.

As for the demands of the demonstrators about the content of the ministerial statement, the Bloc referred to some of the banners that were displayed such as: “independence of the judiciary and persecution of thieves”, and getting out of the “capitalist model which is hostile to industry and agriculture, and for distribution of wealth and social justice”.

The Bloc considers these enthusiastic slogans to mirror the revolutionary groups and political parties’ preparations for a bailout economic plan that has been published in the media, and that should be a ministerial statement for the revolution. The Bloc also reminded that it has published on its website its own ministerial statement to overcome the current crisis, and thus there is no more need for a “government of advisers” since the demonstrators have already drafted the rescue plan.

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