Minister of justice should expose all who interfere in judicial appointments

The Lebanese National Bloc Party called on Minister of Justice Marie Claude Najm to expose all parties interfering in the judicial appointment process, and to support the “Just Revolution”.

In a statement, the Bloc coined the phrase “justice is the basis of ruling” as summarizing the Lebanese citizens’ aspirations to protect their savings from attempts to make them liable for 30 years of corruption.  The Bloc added that the phrase also summarizes the hope that those who caused the $ 83 billion deficit, and those who participated and knowingly overlooked this infringement, be prosecuted and punished.

The Bloc sees that Minister of Justice Marie Claude Najm’s initial objections to the judicial appointments, followed by rejecting part of those appointments and signing others, deserves three observations:

First: Disregarding leaked news about pressure and counter pressure between the "sectarian parties" regarding the appointments, knowing that the goals of those parties are to protect themselves and their defunct system from all prosecution.

Second: Citizens will no longer be distracted by the media battles between the different parties, and will only accept the truth. They will not back down no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is after having moved from darkness to light after the October 17 movement.

Third: The Minister of Justice needs to be transparent by determining her own objections and the reasons behind them. Additionally, she should expose all those interfering in the process as well as their reasons for interference.

The Bloc concluded the statement by calling on the Minister of Justice, who was a participant in the demonstrations of the October 17 revolution, the people’s revolution and the source of all legitimacy including the legitimacy of the judiciary, to make a statement and help the “Just revolution” to become victorious.


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