Mindset behind forming new government unable to save the country

The Lebanese National Bloc Party noted that the following points explain the process of the birth of the new government: first is the demand for a disabling third in a government formed of only strategic allies. Second is the conflict on the numbers of ministers and ministries from a strictly sectarian point of view. Third is the in fighting for control of the more substantial ministries.

In its statement, the Bloc considered the mindset of mistrust between allies and the overt sectarianism and quota system to be counterproductive in creating a plan to salvage the situation in the country.  The Bloc asserted that the current crises cannot be solved, nor can a nation be built with such selfish and sectarian premises with the voice of the people absent and devalued.

The Bloc sees that this government will be begging for a few billion dollars from donor countries to prevent the collapse of the state and its economy, and in return this government will inevitably be involved in regional conflicts as every form of aid will be linked to the results of the Iranian American dialogue. This will be a high political price to pay for a government that is claiming to be sovereign.

The Bloc stated that the people will not give up and that the revolution will continue in different ways, while it affirmed the party’s intention to pursue the de facto government, stand up to all its excesses, and offer appropriate solutions to each issue.

In this context, it is worthy to note that the Lebanese National Bloc Party drafted a program for the government through a ministerial statement published on its website and social media. The plan includes the measures that must be taken to prevent the complete collapse of the country and alleviate the impact of the crisis on citizens.

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