Let’s take to the streets to demand a transitional government now

Faced with the apparent failure of the ruling establishment in forming a government that is ready to rise to the social and economic challenges, we reiterate today our first demand, which is the need to form a transitional government that is independent of the parties in power, in order to stop the total collapse that is threatening the livelihood, savings, and dignity of Lebanese people. This government’s mission will be to implement some political and economic reforms within 300 days ending before the next parliamentary elections:

  1. To halt the economic-monetary collapse through a series of necessary procedures, ranging from an equitable redistribution of banking losses, and the implementation of the forensic audit and the capital control law, to restructuring the debt and banking sector.
  2. To put in place a social safety net solely based on the Lebanese people’s interest and committed to protecting the poor and middle classes by giving direct cash grants, and providing basic health and education services.
  3. To make a transition from a rent-seeking economy to a productive economy by breaking up monopolies, developing an investment plan to create job opportunities, and financing production sectors through funds made up of deposits in Lebanon and capital of the Lebanese abroad, as well as grants of international development agencies.
  4. To pass the judiciary’s independence law and support the Beirut port crime probe to identify all those responsible for it and hold them accountable, inside and outside Lebanon.
  5. To protect the democratic system and public freedoms, and prevent the Military Tribunal from prosecuting civilians.
  6. To prepare for transparent and fair parliamentary elections to be held on schedule, under the direction of a body that will be fully independent of the government, and the supervision of the United Nations.
  7. To immediately pass a unified personal status law to ensure full equality between all citizens, regardless of their affiliations.

We will gather next Friday, at 4 pm, in front of the Ministry of Interior, to march towards the Parliament...

Let’s take to the streets

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