National Bloc: Lebanon’s sovereignty depends on the adherence to diplomatic norms

The Lebanese National Bloc party saw in the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Lebanon, and the campaigns of his agenda to confront Hezbollah, an occasion to affirm the necessity for Lebanon to adhere to diplomatic norms and to apply a nonalignment policy pertaining to the Syrian crisis.

The Bloc sees that it is the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ responsibility to coordinate with international delegates and not to exceed the limits of diplomatic norms during their visits to Lebanon. This applies specifically when it comes to informal "side" meetings that international delegates hold with party leaders, which are neither informal nor private.

The National Bloc party’s view on the position of the US administration on Hezbollah is as follows: the Bloc sees that Hezbollah’s lack of commitment to the nonalignment and self-restraint policies, as stipulated in the “Ministerial Agreement” despite Hezbollah’s participation in government, can be interpreted as a contradiction, and give justification to arguments that may weaken Lebanon's position internationally.

The Bloc stated that one of the main repercussions of Hezbollah’s intervention in the Syrian conflict is the loss of Lebanese citizens’ lives, rather than using Lebanese citizens’ potential internally.  Additionally, the National Bloc Party stated that the duty to defend Lebanon and all its citizens of all sects who may be targeted by expiatory terrorists is the responsibility of the Lebanese state and specifically that of the Lebanese Armed Forces.

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