National Bloc: Kanaan and Haj Hassan’s revelations are the doings of governments their parties participated in

MP Ibrahim Kanaan secretary general of the “Strong Lebanon” bloc, and MP Hajj Hassan from the “Loyalty to the Resistance” Bloc revealed with somber indignation a number of government corruption scandals. The Lebanese National Bloc Party considered these revelations to be insulting to the intelligence of Lebanese citizens, as what they are exposing is the result of the participation of their respective parties in the successive governments that have led us to the grim reality of today.  

In a statement, the National Bloc asserted that the two deputies (whose expressions of shock at the corruption crimes committed with the indiscriminate recruitment and tenders of the Ministry of Communications) were attempting to play the role of courageous officials for public sympathy. Neither came forth with a solution or plan of action to rectify the situation.

The party encouraged Lebanese people who want to see action and not just talk about stopping the parties in power from wasting public funds, to mobilize and address their MPs, deputies, and heads of political parties in order to pressure them to activate and strengthen the existing judicial monitoring bodies.

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