Humiliated Government relinquishes sovereignty by seeking foreign help

The Lebanese National Bloc Party saw that the current government is revealing its relinquishment of Lebanon’s sovereignty: after having emptied the country’s financial reserve of public funds, it is now humiliating itself by seeking foreign help to procure basic commodities to save the country from famine.

In a statement, the Bloc said that Prime Minister Hariri’s seeking help from “brothers and friends” to procure those commodities is akin to seeking charity upon the creation of a new government, and will not end with the meeting of the International group to support Lebanon. The Bloc clarified that this support group made its statement before it convened and without consulting the Lebanese government, it will also have its first meeting today without Lebanese representation, and its second meeting in the afternoon will include a Lebanese delegate only to inform him or her of the decisions.

In the same context, the Bloc pointed out that a statement attributed to an Iranian official about attacking Israel from Lebanese soil is but another example of lack of sovereignty and leaving the country to be ruled by regional conflicts, all this at a time when Iran and the United Stated are exchanging prisoners.

On the other hand, the Bloc pointed out that the November 17 revolution, with its demands of dismantling the current system of governance, has become a nightmare for this government and the number one issue in its foreign affairs negotiations.  The Bloc stressed the fact that the GCC and the Paris Conference (which includes Iran’s allies China and Russia) are all in agreement that the independent revolution’s demands are to be met.


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