Helou from Washington: Mobilizing the Diaspora and Changing the Course of Events

The National Bloc released the following statement:

During Secretary General Michel Helou’s tour of the United States, the National Bloc’s North America Sector organized a meeting in Washington, D.C., with over 40 participants.

Helou addressed the crowd, stating, "In this country, people can achieve their dreams, which is why many of you came here in the first place. Why shouldn't we have the same right to fulfill our dreams in Lebanon?" He continued, "Lebanon is important to you, and through active political engagement, we can change the course of events. We must not leave politics to those who lack integrity and betray public trust."

Helou focused on Lebanon's continuous collapse, on the absence of reforms, and the worsening situation since the Gaza War on October 7. "Despite this situation," he said, "we have many reasons to be hopeful for a better future. Hope is found in the 300,000 votes for change in 2022, the resilience of the private sector, especially universities and hospitals, and most importantly, in the Lebanese people, those enduring in the South, and in you, the diaspora."

He then stressed the importance of having a strategic plan for both short-term and long-term goals, emphasizing the crucial need for organization and the significant role of the diaspora.

Helou called for the mobilization of Lebanese abroad to support Lebanon’s causes financially and politically. He pointed out that the majority no longer supports the ruling parties, and if we can engage those who have been indifferent to Lebanon's future, we can reclaim power and rebuild trust in Lebanon.

Helou concluded: "Reclaiming Lebanon is more than a slogan. It is harder than a protest, and longer than a campaign. Our fight is that of a generation, and we are that generation."