Government is responsible for violence by enforcing the power of sects

The Lebanese National Bloc party expressed its dismay at yesterday’s attacks on private and public properties in downtown Beirut, stating that the government is primarily responsible for the violence regardless of the motivations of the three different groups who were on the ground.

The Bloc explained in its statement that the first group, representing the majority of the people who support the uprising, do not ethically believe in violence, and many retreated to the background, yet it also asserted that one cannot blame some of the citizens who engaged in acts of violence. 

Forming a new government that recreates the quota system for substantial ministries, done with a sectarian mindset, is a provocation and insult towards the demonstrators who were demanding an independent government that puts a stop to 30 year of corruption. This government should not expect any congratulations from a generation that refuses to give up its dreams for a better future.

The second group that took part in yesterday’s altercations were infiltrators aligned with certain security services and embassies, those infiltrators have been rejected by the true demonstrators from the beginning.  These cells are made up of a handful of rioters but create enough havoc that suggests that they are a majority. It is the government with all its parties and foreign alliances that opens the door to those infiltrators.

The Bloc noted that the third group is one that is mobilized according to political agendas, and it is there to defend the figure heads of the “stronger” sects. This became apparent after the Baabda surge of the Free Patriotic Movement, and the incident of shooting at demonstrators in Jdeide two months ago to defend the “stronger” or the presidency. There were also many attacks on demonstrators in the Riad El Solh and Martyr squares to defend the “stronger” or the presidency of the House of Representatives.  We now see these riots coming to the defense of the “stronger” or the prime ministry. 

In conclusion of its statement, the Bloc stressed the government’s responsibility for spreading the rule of the “stronger” rather than that of the “more qualified” for high government positions.  Breaking this destructive rule that has led the country to the abyss is also a reason for the riots in the streets.

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