National Bloc: Finding safe zones inside Syria to house the displaced

The Lebanese National Bloc Party considered that the consensus in the ministerial statement on the safe return of the displaced Syrians should have motivated the government to seek the support of the UN Security Council to find safe zones inside Syria for the displaced populations that can guarantee safe and dignified living conditions.   The Bloc pointed out that Lebanon should have added this to its demands in the "Brussels III Conference".

The National Bloc Party sees that there are two choices for the displaced Syrian populations: to live in dire humanitarian situations in camps outside of their country, or to return safely to Syria under the supervision of the United Nations, asserting that it supports the latter solution especially since funding for this endeavor is available as stated in the conference for the displaced.  

The Bloc considered that establishing safe areas by UN resolution is very possible if the intentions of international players are clear.  This is in light of the Russian initiative on the displaced that indicated Russia’s willingness to contribute positively in this direction. The National Bloc noted that the funds being spent to keep the displaced wandering in misery in host countries is sufficient to secure infrastructure for a decent living for them in safe areas of Syria.

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