Expelling politicians of government from public places as a revolutionary act

The Lebanese National Bloc Party asserted that the people’s rejection of Messrs. Elie Ferzli, Ahmad Fatfat, and Fouad El Sanyoura as their representatives indicates the general mood in the country and is more than a temporary reaction.

In a statement, the Bloc said that the people in power may have misinterpreted the decrease in demonstrations to mean that the people have backed up from their assertion of changing the current governing system, a system that has bankrupt the country and led to an impending economic collapse.  The Bloc stated that the reason for people leaving the demonstrations is in fact fear, fatigue, and concern for a future that has become linked with the current parties in power, who in turn are only looking out for their own interests. The National Bloc assured the automatic return of the rebels to the streets as the crisis worsens.

In a related issue, the Bloc stressed that the way Lebanese citizens are expelling symbols of the current political system from public spaces is a manifestation of the citizens’ refusal of the system, and a revolution against the system and the persons who represent it. When people begin to lose respect for such political personalities, to the point of refusing to share the same public spaces with them, it strips those politicians of their right to claim any legitimacy of responsibility for running things in the country. The Bloc continued by stating that any talk of a government that will include those individuals, even under pseudonyms, is a denial of the reality that has completely rejected the old system, additionally any restoration process of the old system will only lead to an exacerbation of the crisis. The Bloc called on the representatives of the parties in power to apologize and reassess their performance if they wish to return in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The statement was concluded by stressing that the only hope for saving the country is through forming an independent, sovereign government of competent specialists; this is what the Lebanese have been demanding since the onset of the demonstrations on October 17th. The Lebanese people have not backed out of this demand; those claiming to represent the people should adhere to this, otherwise they will bear the brunt of public anger. “"The day of the oppressed against the oppressor is more severe than the day of the oppressed against the oppressed."

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