Even Adib was rejected by your selfishness… Surrender power to real opposition

The Lebanese National Bloc Party and MMFD released the following statement:

No one was expecting from the government of Mustapha Adib to change the failed and incompetent system of the sects’ parties. The only hope was to organize another “begging” event from the donors, in order to prevent Lebanon’s financial situation and economy from falling off the cliff.

However, even this possible way out of the impasse failed, as the selfishness of these parties did not accept even Adib. Arguments are numerous and varied, starting from the compliance with the National Pact, to the fear of political suppression, absurd role of former Prime Ministers’ club, speech of the Saudi King, sanctions, US stance, international and regional conflict on Lebanon’s soil, etc. All these are hypocritical arguments, and Lebanon is used to their damages.

But in fateful and decisive moments, the conscious, bold, and free Lebanese decision should remain the definitive decision, and our hope. This is exactly what you, the sects’ leaders, are lacking.

Even before the politics, it is a mindset controlling you. Neither the widespread poverty, nor the rampant unemployment, nor the lack of medication, nor the fuel shortages, and all the other disasters we are facing due to your incompetence and failure, have any effect on your arrogance towards the people’s sufferings.

Today, we are left with only one word to tell you: Be humble and negotiate a peaceful transfer of power to a transitional government vested with legislative powers, and composed of the real opposition. Only this government is able to restore confidence in Lebanon, halt the decline, and lay the foundation for the civil, sovereign, equitable, productive, and secure State for all.


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