National Bloc: Electricity plan lacks transparency and its bill is ambiguous

In view of the prevailing mistrust and the sizeable fiscal needs for reform in the electricity sector, the Lebanese National Bloc Party pointed out that the draft law passed by the Chamber of Deputies should have been reviewed by the public and by independent competent and expert economic bodies.

In a statement, the National Bloc party asserted that the recently discussed electricity sector improvement plan lacks transparency and that the law resulting from it is ambiguous. The Bloc sees that the entire process raises countless questions and concerns.

The country is in need of an electric shock to resuscitate the electricity sector, therefore the Bloc called for the combining of bids with subsequent approvals from the House of Representatives before becoming effective. The Bloc also called for the costs of the bids to be included in the Public Budget and to be at the expense of the state.

Additionally, the National Bloc wonders why a public institution, that is supposed to enjoy financial and administrative independence, remains without a board of directors or regulatory board to this day. In conclusion the Bloc stated that in view of this gross mismanagement, it is not surprising that the state has burdened its citizens with squandering one-third of the public sector debt on the electricity sector.

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