El Hayek assassination the result of 30 years of political hypocrisy

The Lebanese National Bloc Party stated that the assassination of the citizen Antoine El Hayek is not a premeditated crime, but rather a result of the political hypocrisy that has been governing Lebanon for the past 30 years and its crooked political settlements and denial of facing the essence of the recurring crises caused by the “parties/sects” victimizing the Lebanese people.

In a statement, The Bloc said that this was a crime against citizenship. Since the uprising of October 17, citizenship has become a main part of the hearts and minds of the Lebanese despite all of the decline we are witnessing.  The cause of this assassination is the crime of keeping buried pain untreated, leaving instincts to manifest themselves in the most horrific manner to serve as a distraction from the failure of nation building.

The Bloc stated that the actions of the “parties/sects” in the time of a unifying pandemic, represent the authoritarian preference to back alley solutions rather than treading the open roads of salvation.

The Bloc concluded by stating that the pandemic is proof of nature’s triumph over those who exploited it, and that the nature of mankind in society is filled with citizenship and peace that will inevitably win in the end.