National Bloc: Border demarcation as the means to recovering Lebanon’s Shebaa Farms

The Lebanese National Bloc party believes that the dignity of a State is measured by the extent to which it maintains and holds to its sovereignty, and in the wake of the American-Israeli decision on the occupied Syrian Golan, it reiterates its continuous position on never abandoning any part of the Lebanese territory, especially in the Shebaa farms and the Hills of Kafarshuba.

The Bloc said in a statement that the establishment of Lebanon's ownership of this occupied area is possible only with the demarcation of the border, which should be pursued with the assistance of the United Nations.  The party also pointed out that many documents confirm Lebanon’s claim on the Shebaa farms, as most of the land there is registered in the Lebanese real estate records with maps to prove it, in spite of Syria’s ambiguous stand on this issue.

The National Bloc also expressed its deep regret that the Arab Summit in Tunis in its statement only used expressions of solidarity, support, and concern rather than include some pressure mechanisms such as severing diplomatic ties in order to enforce its position on the Golan Heights issue.

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