A statement released by the Executive Committee of the Lebanese National Bloc Party

The Lebanese National Bloc Party's Executive Committee met and issued the following statement:

  • Poverty and destitution increased among all citizens and across all regions, albeit to varying degrees, after the ruling system's financial collapse, the banking sector’s failure to pay people's savings, and the inability to meet the most basic requirements of a decent life.
  • The ruling political establishment has "expired" and is unable to provide any vision or the beginning of a solution.
  • The weapons that are outside the control of the Lebanese Armed Forces will keep fueling internal anxiety and fears, as well as preventing the establishment of a modern and just state.
  • In light of these circumstances, the uprising in Tripoli, the Bride of the Revolution, was the result of the ruling system's failure to address any of the people's everyday concerns, and became even more tragic with the excessive use of violence by the security forces that were deployed against the people, although they share their same concerns. At a time when border crossings remain open to smuggling and depleting what is left of the state’s resources without any control or accountability, the comments of a former prime minister, namely ex-PM Najib Mikati, where he threatened of pursuing self-security and bragged about distributing food parcels instead of undertaking development projects, in addition to the presence of disruptive infiltrators from the parties-sects’ followers, were yet another insult to Tripoli.
  • What is urgently needed is the formation of an alternative power to replace the current regime that lost its legitimacy. This is our top priority at the National Bloc, as we aim to build a "Lebanese Historical Bloc" transcending all divides between regions, sects, and parties. A bloc aligned with the October 17 revolution and capable of restoring hope and confidence in the potential for change.
  • What is required, before the big explosion, is to peacefully and immediately transfer power to an independent, sovereign, and transitional government trusted by the October 17 revolution and the international community. A government that addresses people's concerns and demands to start implementing a reformist rescue program. A program that will build the first civil state in the East, which will be based on justice, institutions, and the respect of human rights. A state that establishes its sovereignty over its territory by its legitimate forces, and adopts neutrality in regional conflicts that only led to disasters and internal divisions in Lebanon. A state that restores Lebanon's role and historical contribution, which constituted a key factor in the Arab Renaissance, and finally a state that puts an end to “exporting” our children instead of exporting our products, and opens the door to their skills and creativity.
  • The main highlights of the program, which will be implemented by the new political power that will restore confidence in Lebanon, are the following:
  • Ensure a fair distribution of losses between wealthy individuals and low-income earners, in a targeted manner allowing to use the remaining capabilities and potential to emerge from the crisis.
  • Provide a social safety net that preserves human dignity.
  • Launch the judiciary’s independence workshop.

The National Bloc Party has the national credibility to play this unifying role, based on its national vision and principles that have been established by events and developments, and after which the late party leader Raymond Eddé was dubbed “Lebanon's conscience.”

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