“Sectarian Parties” object to “Haircut” in an attempt to gain popular support

The Lebanese National Bloc Party stated that after the government’s bailout plan was leaked, many politicians made statements that fell under the banner of protecting depositors from the “haircut” banking policies. The first of those politicians to make statements were the godfathers of the current government, acting as if they had nothing to do with it! Then can the new opposition representatives who are out of the government but who still act based on the background of quota systems and corruption.

In a statement, the Bloc said that “sectarian parties” coming to the defense of depositors is really a way to protect themselves: they are the top big depositors, even if under aliases, and so are their supporters who have benefited from billions of dollars through corrupt transactions and financial engineering. The first targets in the event of any truncation of the depositors' accounts are the leaders of the “sectarian parties”, and that is why they are trying to bury this item of the plan with popular speeches, while not revealing any alternatives that may be more dangerous to citizens. Those politicians will wait until the peak of the crisis and will come up with what is called a last chance solution of replacing their deposits that had evaporated because of government bankruptcy, with stock in government public facilities such as Middle East Airlines, the Port of Beirut, and the communications, electricity, and real estate sectors. After having bankrupt the state and stolen its public property (the property of the people) over the last 30 years, they are today trying to lay their hands on whatever properties are left to the state and its citizens.

The Bloc sees that the solution can begin with two procedures: the first is to freeze all the local and international assets of all those who have been in power in the last 30 years and who benefited from the corruption of this power. The second procedure would be to prosecute all those who participated in, or overlooked waste and corruption and to make them return whatever they profited. All legal mechanisms for these two procedures are available. Implementing these procedures, however, is in need of an independent, sovereign government: the Lebanese people will not agree to pay any balance left (after recuperating the stolen funds) unless it is under the authority of such a government.

In conclusion of its statement the Bloc said: the leaders of the “sectarian parties” need to be aware that the time of cheating and humiliating the people has passed.  They are trying to do this again, but the upcoming peaceful revolution will be much more powerful than what it was on October 17th



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