“National Bloc” To Those Intimidating Citizens with Void: We Have Enough Competences to Form 100 Rescuing Governments

The “Lebanese National Bloc Party” refused to intimidate citizens with void and chaos if the current government resigned and was replaced by a rescuing civil independent government with vast authorities. The Party confirmed that Lebanon is full of competent men and women with national belonging, political hunch, technical competencies and successful field experiences, enabling us to form 100 rescuing governments.

In a statement, the Party stressed that regardless of the number of reforms proposed by the in power “parties-sects”, they will be unable to implement them all because they are amid the clientelism system which is the root of corruption and collapse. If any bloody confrontations or destruction occur, they will be made by those “parties-sects”.

The Party pointed that in Lebanon a solid historical national identity was formed over the years through free interactions between its different components, despite all divisions, painful past among groups and the continuous fueling of sectarianism by “parties-sects”. The Party noted that in the height of breaking the barriers of fear we are witnessing, we never heard Tripoli’s citizens cursing the Shia, neither South Lebanon nor Baalbek’s citizens cursing the Sunni, nor in Jounieh cursing the Muslims.

The Party affirmed that Lebanon cannot be compared to any country that has never known freedom, political struggle and civil society. Lebanon is not Syria, nor Libya or any other similar country. The Party reminded that when Arab systems fell, after decades of injustice and humiliation, Syrians and Libyans couldn’t face the void but with excessive violence of expression and the return to tribal, regional and religious identities that were no longer standing to build a modern state.

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