“National Bloc” on the “Progressive Socialist” Proposals: Nothing Guarantees that Any New Promise Will be Implemented

The “Lebanese National Bloc Party” indicated that the basket of proposals presented by Minister Wael Abou Faour is “farthest” from the Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s “Economic Plan” and this basket doesn’t fall far from the ministerial statement of the current government. The Party asked what guarantees that any new promise will be implemented.

In a statement, the Party considered that the “Progressive Socialist’s” proposals reflect its denial of the actual situation. For example, the current crisis requires a radical solution to the burden of debt-service. Where are the clear procedures, numbers and dates in what Minister Abou Faour has presented to address this burden?

He is asked which stage has reached those procedures to restructure the public administration taken by unproductive “parties-sects” leaders. The Party argued that none of the parties has neither the willingness nor capacity to dismantle the clientelism system leading to corruption and poverty.

As for biddings and clientelism, the “Progressive Socialist” confessed that they lead not only to waste but rather to the stealing of public money, which is the citizens’ money. As such, the “National Bloc Party” asked whether undergoing through the administration of public tenders is enough. It is mandatory to restructure this administration and announce the names of new employees who are known figures for their competence, integrity and independence.

The Party certified that citizens have the definitive decision, they who refused these and other proposals. This street that is both peaceful yet on fire has exposed the lie of the sectarian rift and rejected many false promises.

At the end, no voice is louder than the citizens’.

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