“National Bloc”: For an Independent Experts Cabinet in “72 Hours”

The “Lebanese National Bloc Party” paused at the 72 hours deadline suggested by Prime Minister Saad Hariri to execute reforms. The Party asked whether this short deadline is enough to implement what PM failed in implementing during the past 3 or 15 or even 30 years. How can the government restore the work while members pelt charges one another?

The “Lebanese National Bloc Party” stressed, in a statement, that Prime Minister Hariri’s mention of a smooth transition is the correct do, noting that this transition shouldn’t turn into handing over the power to a one colored party.

The Party considered that any actual in power party is in fact part of the clientelism system and covers corruption and is trapped in this circle. The Party warned that a one colored party government will take Lebanon back to the foreign external custody which will result in the suppression of freedom and a confrontation with the international community; this situation will lead to sanctions, thus an economic and financial collapse in addition to the aggravation of poverty in Lebanon.

The Party renewed its position towards a “smooth transition” as the only effective solution is to hand over the government to independent experts with vast authorities setting as priority gaining back people’s trust and solving electricity issues, public debt and administration corruption.

The Party reconfirmed that a “parties-sects” private meeting shouldn’t end but with solutions to essential disagreements such as defense and foreign policies and sectarian system. The “National Bloc Party” called the citizens for civilized peaceful protests in numbers for the remainder of the “72 hours” pushing the government to resign.

Ending the statement, the Party emphasized on the importance to avoid any confrontation with the “parties-sects” followers aiming at flunking the uprising. The Party continued that this is a political intelligent tactic, and protestors should withdraw when a fifth column integrates among them, only to return once it’s gone. We should not let them destroy the revolution.

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