“National Bloc”: Relating The Revolution to Foreign Interference Is Not Relevant

The “Lebanese National Bloc Party” replied to a statement by Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s Secretary General, about the existence of (unnamed) embassy-linked parties and figures who are manipulating the popular uprising for their own illicit political purposes. The Party considers that if his statements pointed to the sectarian parties that are currently or were formerly part of the governing bodies, then this only concerns the said parties, and is not reflective of the citizens who are demonstrating and who have no relations to those parties.

In a statement, the Party recognized that some political actors are indeed aligned with the interest of such embassies, but that these are unrelated to and will stay unrelated to the revolutionaries.


The Party considered that Nasrallah’s speech comes in a series of anomalous attempts by the political class to steal the uprising, noting that the revolution has been resisting all possibilities of diversion and political recuperation.


The Party questioned why have President Michel Aoun, and now Nasrallah, been asking the demonstrators to identify representatives for a constructive dialogue. The Party argued that it is the first time in the history of Lebanon, and maybe in the world, that a revolution does not require representatives because it is by nature a representative of all society. In fact, the demonstrators across Lebanon have spoken their word without needing a spokesperson: we want a government of independent and capable experts; when will the political class start listening to the clear demand of two million persons?


The Party also questioned whether the answer to those voices is violence and intimidation. Is it by violence and intimidation that those voices can be silenced? Haven’t those in power realized yet that this revolution is an extraordinary event unlike any we have seen in the past 100 years in Lebanon? Haven’t they understood that what Lebanon is witnessing today is establishing the beginning of the fall of the confessional regime, and with that the end of people’s humiliation?


The Party concluded its statement stressing that this revolution will not stop however long it takes and regardless of the efforts and measures to repress it. This revolution is a fundamental, solid and sweeping turn for generations to come.

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