“Deal of the Century” is a conspiracy against a basic human right

The Lebanese National Bloc Party stated that it was useless to condemn the “Deal of the Century” or to reveal its hidden agendas of saving the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from legal persecution and the President of the United States Donald Trump from impeachment proceedings.

The facts show the following:

  • The “Deal of the Century” is not only an international and regional conspiracy, but has been bled dry by many parties for many years.
  • The West, with a guilty conscience for committing the greatest organized genocide in human history, namely the holocaust, is trying to atone for its guilt with another crime against the Palestinian people.
  • Regional and Arab regimes have exploited the Palestinian cause and built armies that only ended up as suppressing agents on their own people and expansionist forces on neighboring countries.
  • The Palestinian organizations lost the capacities of their militants after the “Battle of Karama”, those organizations also started to interfere in the internal affairs and conflicts of hosting countries, including Lebanon.

All the points mentioned make of Israel the first beneficiary.

  • The “Deal” is doomed to fail because of the following:
  • The main conspiracy is against a “fundamental human right”, namely the right to freedom and dignity of a group of people no matter its identity. This conspiracy’s heaviest arms are not armies, diplomacy, or economy; but rather a blatant indifference to the denial of this fundamental right.
  • This reality has left the Palestinians alone in their struggle to reclaim their rights and force the world to admit to it. The students of Bir Zeit University and the youths of the West Bank through their uprisings and their attachment to their land have moved the world, and will shed new light on their cause. They will be able to extract international recognition of this right since peoples with free spirits are the ones who can defeat occupation.
  • This “deal” will not see the light, and what will make it fail will be mainly the parties of the Israeli extreme right who will not agree to giving up any parts of the “promised land”. Those parties agreeing to the deal now is only a trick to win the world’s favor by showing that they have given concessions to the Palestinians, while they are working secretly on rejecting the deal.
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