NB: The 3 ways the government will attempt to end the revolution

After the 20th day of the revolutionary movement in Lebanon, the Lebanese National Bloc Party stressed that it was obvious that the government is not willing to change its stance and create a small independent government of able specialists, it has instead decided to fight the movement in various manners.

In a statement, the Bloc explained that the first way the government was fighting the movement was through creating an opposite movement, reinforcing sectarian sentiment, and using the issue of road closures to suppress the demonstrators.

The second tactic of the government becomes apparent in the division of the political parties affiliated with the government into two groups; one trying to take advantage of the revolutionary movement, and the other trying to question its legitimacy and spreading conspiracy theories, two approaches are meant to damage the movement.

The third tactic that the government is using to confront the revolutionary movement is to blatantly disregard its demands by implementing the same old policies based on quotas, and considering a political government that includes only a few specialists. The National Bloc asserts that the aforementioned proposition is unacceptable and dangerous, as it can only lead to the government failing and to the responsibility of this failure to be thrown on the technocrat ministers, a precedent that will be painful to overcome on the road to saving the country from corrupt politicians.

The party called on the demonstrators to create peaceful and intelligent tactics for civil disobedience in order to avoid violent clashes, and falling into the trap that the government is laying for the revolutionary movement.

The party also mentioned the fact that the current crisis, which began just before the demonstrations, will most likely continue for years to come because the current political class has bankrupt the country. Additionally it has created a USD crisis which led to the sudden creation of a money market through exchange agents, the low availability of hard currency in the market, as well as an attempt to escape forward through issuing treasury bonds at an interest rate of 20%.

At the end of its statement, the National Bloc asserted that the economic, financial, and social crisis that the country is going through is the result of 30 years of corrupt practices and policies by the governing parties. Today’s revolutionary movement is an unprecedented popular uprising that is raising questions against those who have been negligent and indifferent to peoples livelihoods; that is the reason why everyone should know that this movement will not end in days or months, but needs to continue and use all types of pressure in order to stay effective and to achieve its goals.

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