National Bloc: The expired regime... is poisoning citizens’ water with its sectarian “nitrate”

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

At their hands, everything was soaked with corruption and quota sharing, down to the water resources. The one and only solution is to uproot this regime, and to promote citizenship – the October 17 citizenship – which does not distinguish between one Lebanese and another. There is no other solution than a government independent of the sects' parties and their alleged rights; a government that works for the rights of all citizens without any favor from anyone.

This time, the dispute erupted between the Future Movement and the Free Patriotic Movement over the law that established the National Water Council. Ten MPs from the FPM challenged the law before the Constitutional Council. Why?

Of course, the reason is not the dispute over securing fresh water to citizens. The FPM wants this council to be under the Ministry of Energy’s control, which means to be part of the Christians and the Strong Presidency’s share. On the other hand, the Future Movement wants it to be under the authority and control of the Premiership, or in other words, to be part of the Sunnis’ share, namely the Future Movement.

Dear citizen, this is the bitter truth. In the water-rich country, where rulers dried up or polluted the water, they are still trafficking in the lives of thirsty citizens, under the cover of protecting sects’ rights. As if it was not enough for them to waste billions of dollars in Bisri, and on the other cracked dams that were filled with scandals. It was not enough as well that they failed to provide water and drinking water to every citizen due to the dilapidated water supply network and polluted rivers, especially the Litani River, exposing citizens to daily poisoning by irrigating crops with contaminated water.

In this particular case, they did not argue about the citizen's health and rights to have abundant and clean water. All they care about is seizing the country's resources and councils.

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