National Bloc: Sectarian “nitrate” weapon resurfaces in Cabinet consultations...

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Since the start of the October 17 uprising, which destabilized the pillars of all the sects’ parties, these parties boosted their sectarian engines in a bid to shield themselves from the revolution wave sweeping “all of them means all of them.” After toppling Saad Hariri's government under the pressure of October 17, and as part of this shielding process by the parties rushing to consolidate their positions, we heard the outcry of some of his followers evoking the readily available catchphrase of “targeting the Sunnis.” Meanwhile, the Shiite duo was facing the revolution tidal wave to its community by chanting “Shia Shia,” although the revolution was only to claim the rights of citizens from all sects. Today, when the two main Christian blocs refrained from designating Hariri in the parliamentary consultations, the same old rhetoric about the “National Pact Compliance” and the “Rights of Christians” pops up again.

It is the political failure of the ruling establishment, which is only able to defend its survival by mobilizing sectarian extremism, unaware that its schemes now belong to the past, after October 17. Echoes of these sectarian slogans that are still being chanted by some supporters of these parties became increasingly ineffective. The Lebanese citizens, who freed themselves after October 17 from your influence and your false allegations of protecting the sects, know full well that what you are calling for is just the protection of your hegemony and interests.

The time of dealing with people as if they were religious tribes is over. Times have changed... They have changed drastically with the awakening of the Lebanese and their liberation from the warlords’ influence... Undeniably, the real victory is for the free Lebanese.


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