National Bloc: Parliamentary consultations are a waste of time

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

When the French President Emmanuel Macron gave a new deadline of six weeks to form the Lebanese government, which coincides with the US presidential election date, he seemed to admit the failure of his initiative and recognize that no decision in Lebanon would prevail over the interests of the US-Saudi-Iranian-Israeli axis, and everything else is a waste of time. Even the parliamentary consultations, which the Lebanese President called for to name a new Premier, will be considered a waste of time as long as the decision makers are those who implement the interests of the same axis.

By the will and the magical powers of this axis, the framework agreement on the demarcation of the maritime borders was suddenly announced, after ten years of intransigence and rejection of serious negotiations.

As long as the sects’ parties are still bullying each other and intimidating the Lebanese people with the help of their external sponsors, particularly from the above-mentioned axis, there will be no hope that the current authority will form a sovereign government within six weeks. At best, another power-sharing government based on quotas will emerge, along with the systematic impoverishment and humiliation.

It is not currently possible for these parties to explain their behavior. The only solution is what we have repeatedly proposed, especially after October 17. This regime should step down in favor of the opposition in order to form a rescue government. Let the sectarian parties review their priorities and present themselves to the citizens in the upcoming elections. Otherwise, do not expect neither sovereignty, nor rescue.

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