NB to the government: Delay in forming an independent government will increase revolution’s momentum

The Lebanese National Bloc Party pointed out that the government has dealt with the popular revolution with an attitude of superiority considering it a temporary surge of anger that will end as suddenly as it started.  What they have ignored, however, is that this revolution has fundamental causes that will help it to achieve its main goal, namely the creation of an independent government of able specialists.

In a statement, the party affirmed that the core of the revolution goes beyond political and basic living demands, and extends towards breaking sectarian barriers and elevating citizenship despite the differences among sects and religions.  Additionally it extends towards breaking artificial regional barriers.

The party cautioned that in face of this deeply rooted reality in the hearts of the Lebanese people, the government used its traditional methods.  The party also reminded that the government attempted to steal and adopt the revolution’s slogans to no avail, and then turned to play the role of savior through the “Reforms Document”, and that attempt also failed since the reforms were unrealistic and there was no more trust in the government. The party added that it was at this point that the government began to reawaken sectarian sentiment, yet it failed again in that attempt. Additionally, the party indicated that the government then tried to put the security forces in face of the demonstrators, yet they failed to scare the demonstrators.  They then tried to create an image of the rebellion as an agent of embassy agendas, and this also failed since the demonstrators were well aware of the gravity of this situation.

The party continued to state that the government tried to mingle among the participants in the demonstrations in order to steer the movement from its goals, however, the government agents were well known to the demonstrators and they did not fall into that trap.  The party stressed that with each additional attempt of the government to thwart the revolution, it came back stronger and more peaceful and civilized.

The Bloc asserted that the parties in government have spent 30 years in a system of mutual benefit and compromise, and have faced citizens with the slogan of “the national unity government”.  Suddenly those parties in power were faced with a new player, one with no face, name, or leader, comprised of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese citizens with only Lebanon as their main identity, a new player with the power to accuse the government.

In face of this reality, the government became helpless, and its internal quota system disintegrated as each team began to blame the other to justify its own failures.

The party concluded its statement by reaffirming that the government has no solution but to submit to the peaceful and civilized demands of its people-the source of all political power- and to make way to an independent government of able specialists. Any delay in this will only exacerbate the crisis and increase the momentum of the revolution.

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