National Bloc: Assaults on public freedoms are an assault on the Constitution

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

Attempts by Hezbollah's MPs to make use of the Parliament, a democratic system hallmark, to intimidate the media institutions by calling their heads to meetings behind closed doors, after banning their broadcast in some areas, are an assault on the Constitution that guarantees public and individual freedoms.

This rapidly worsening situation in attacking public freedoms, arbitrary arrests, bringing civilians before the Military Tribunal, and targeting journalists and intellectuals, is a proof that this regime drove the country into collapse and is determined to anticipate the public outrage by spreading terror among the population.

It seems that the authorities, at all levels, have a very short memory. They forgot, or at least are pretending to have forgotten, that the freedom is the “daily bread” of the Lebanese people who defeated the Israeli occupation and the tyranny of the Syrian regime, and is not indebted to any side in these victories. This people will defeat again all direct or proxy occupations.

For these reasons, we call on all the forces of change to intensify their efforts and coordinate towards the common mission of defending public freedoms.


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