Letter from the “Lebanese National Bloc Party” to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

For centuries, the Shia of Lebanon, along with others, struggled for freedom against all forms of tyranny, for independence and for the establishment of the State of Lebanon and an inclusive Lebanese nation.

In the 1970’s, at the height of the class struggle, Lebanon's Shia fought with their compatriots to convey the demands of the working class and the poor.


When the Lebanese state disintegrated and the army was absent, Lebanon's Shia resisted the Israeli occupation and forced it to withdraw.


Lebanon's Shia regained their dignity simultaneously with the rooting of their spirit of resistance and uprising.  This spirit was the basis of resistance against the occupation in the past. But today, together with the rest of the Lebanese, they aim against a political class that has segregated them on the basis of sectarian belonging, enslaved them through clientelism, and humiliated them by impoverishing them which in turn pushed them to beg their leaders for assistance.



Today’s revolution has put a forever end to this sectarian screening of the population. What we are witnessing today is not circumstantial but a realization that has matured and consolidated for three decades and cannot be overlooked. It has transformed the psychosocial reality of our society.


Do not give this ruling class any chance to cling to its power and keep dominating citizens demanding their freedom.


Imam Hussain said: “Be free in your world, your mother gave birth to free persons”; Lebanese citizens will remain free, no matter how challenging the effort and how great the sacrifice.


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