Rescue Solution: : Forming an independent and sovereign government of competent specialists

Forming an independent government of proficient specialists that has a wide range of powers to work on 5 priorities:

1. The Public Debt:

Reducing the cost of public debt service and rescheduling the due debt assets for the next three years through borrowing $ 3 billion, half of the public debt service for the year 2020, from the Central Bank and Lebanese banks at zero percent interest.

2. Electricity:

Reducing waste in the energy sector and improving electricity service to the public by establishing new electricity plants to meet the needs of the Lebanese market, within transparent conditions and in the framework of a public tender.

3. Control Public Administration:

Evaluating the number of bogus jobs as well as public sector jobs that were created prior to the last parliamentary elections. Developing a ratification plan and moving swiftly toward implementing digital government (e-government).

4. Social Justice:

A radical restructuring of the tax policies to make them progressive and able to unify income sources, and that also cover rentier and financial sectors and real estate speculation without risking the livelihoods of the middle and low income citizens.

5. Parliamentary Elections Law:

Forming a committee of specialist to propose a fair and representative parliamentary election law embodying Lebanese citizens’ aspirations to leave behind the illusion of sectarian conflict, as was apparent in the demonstrations.