Meeting minute 270220

  • Attendees

    • Riad Akiki

    • Khalil Wakim

    • Sarah-Jane Fahed

    • Anthony Behlok

  • Riad suggests a change of concept of the “Solidarity fund” from a debt and/or equity fund to an advisory-based entity, that connects the investor with the SME’s, for legal reasons.

  • Advisory and expert-matching would be the main principles of the new format of the entity, in addition to new framework, criteria, marketing pitch, and new ways to achieve objectives.

    Research and Market Analysis will be made on the SMEs share in the Lebanese economy and categorized by industry and sector.

    Assessments will be made on the companies to be pitched for funding or match-making.

    A presentation is showcased by Sarah-Jane and a brainstorming session ensues:


    • -  Fin-Tech

    • -  Education

    • -  Insurance

    • -  Information Technology (IT)

    • -  FMCG

    • -  Agriculture, Agri-tech (Agriculture-based processed by-products)

    • -  Knowledge Economy (software


    • -  MSME
      o Maximum100employees

    • -  UN Sustainable Development Goals

      Already existing incubators and Start-up funds should be contacted for a relevant database of SME’s.

      Objectives for each member of the committee is given a task:

    • -  Anthony Behlok: Mission, Vision Slide

    • -  Sarah Jane and Jad Awada: Industry Market Research

    • -  Khalil Wakim: Problem Solution Market Research

    • -  Sarah Jane: Value Proposition


    • Next Meeting (Date and Time):

    Thursday 27th February, 6:00 PM