Meeting minute 270220


  • Riad Akiki
  • Anthony Behlok
  • Jad Awada
  • Sarah-Jane Fahed

Points Discussed:

  • The solidarity Bloc will be comprised of two parts:
    à Match Making between MSMEs and Investors (debt&equity)
    à A Probono Lab comprised of experts in the different fields of: HR, Strategy&governance, Marketing, Finance, Legal, IT.
  • We need to build a network of experts in the above fields.
  • We need to do an outreach to the MSMEs ( through world of mouth, BDD data, National bloc Net, Online Campaign..).
  • We need to build our partner’s Network : Berytech, Legal bloc, Public Sector, Ngos, SRE.
  • Operational process of our initiative will be as follow:
    1- Set the focused thematic workshop date. ( once per week, from 5pm to 8pm).

2- Speed dating: The one on one free session with the experts

3-   Networking event cluster(per industry).

  • We will be collecting data on the MSMEs through forms.
  • We will be preparing a 30 second video to outreach the MSMEs

To Do list
For Next Week:

  • Finalize the powerpoint ( division will be shared in the ppt)
  • Prepare the registration forms. SJ
  • One minute pitch SJ&Jad

By the end of march:

  • Prepare a 30 second video
  • Add on our our website : Mission – vision – principle and one minute pitch