Meeting minute 200213

Solidarity Fund Meeting minutes


HQ National Bloc - Gemayze


February 13, 2020


18:30 – 21:00


Riad Akiki

Lyna Comaty

Anthony Behlok

Sarah-Jane Fahed

Khalil Wakim

Jad Awada

Agenda Items

Identify the customer segment (SMEs) that we want to support and start the screening process to filter out the entities that don’t fit our project. Some of the investment criteria to be taken into consideration are:

  1. Financial Metrics (Size of the SME in financial terms)
  2. Transaction Size (Amount to be disbursed)
  3. Transaction Type (Growth Equity, Recapitalization, etc.)
  4. Ownership and Activism (Hands-on, Non Controlling)
  5. Geographical (Lebanon)
  6. Industry (Agriculture, Tech, Financial Services, Food & Beverages)
  7. Maturity & Experience
  8. Management Team (Choose Management Responsible)


Identify the problems facing the concerned entities while focusing on the objective of the fund, amongst which:

  1. Increase Productivity
  2. Increase Exports
  3. Find substitutes for Imports
  4. Support Failing Businesses
  5. Decrease unemployment


Apply the work based on a clear risk framework to secure the fund and mitigate risks in the best way possible. Some of these risks include:

  1. Management Risk
  2. Business Risk
  3. Competitive Risk
  4. Market Risk
  5. Technology Risk
  6. Financial Risk

In order for the team to reassess these preliminary choices and support them with evidence the following was decided:

Action Items




Collect Data on SMEs in Lebanon

Whole Team

February 20, 2020


Identify potential sectors while justifying how they fit with our goal

Whole Team

February 20, 2020


Identify a list of exportable Services that Lebanese citizens can compete in and export

Whole Team

February 20, 2020