Internal Reforms

In the context of relaunching its political activities, the Lebanese National Bloc Party has introduced a series of internal reforms aimed at shifting the party from being the “founders’ party” to become the “institutional party”, chief among which are the following:

  • The elimination of the post of “Amid” (Supreme Leader) who enjoyed absolute powers; to break the cycle of the deep-rooted inheritance in Lebanese politics, the Supreme Leader’s powers were transferred to an “Executive Committee” which shall be elected by the “Party Council” and which shall in turn elect the Secretary-General.
  • The introduction of the position of "President" whose term shall be one year and who shall be elected on a rotational basis amongst the Executive Committee members.
  • The introduction of the "Senate Council" consisting of party veterans who play an advisory and guidance role.
  • The engagement of youth in both the Executive Committee and the Party Council and emphasizing the role they play in the party’s progress.

The new structure of the Lebanese National Bloc Party

With the elimination of the position of "Supreme Leader", the positions of "Honorary President", "Senate", and "Secretariat" have been introduced, in addition to the three other longstanding positions which are "Party Council", "Executive Committee" and "Secretary-General".