Interactive Policy Workshops


The Lebanese National Bloc’s (BNL) vision for Lebanon is a nation that is Prosperous, Green and Equitable. The BNL is developing a Political Program that will translate this vision into reality, through formulating a comprehensive series of Public Policies related to the management and governance of all aspects of public issues that concern citizens and individuals living in Lebanon.

In order to be the closest possible to the concerns of citizens and the realities of their daily lives, BNL believes that the first step in developing these policies is to engage with the largest number of citizens.

For this purpose, BNL is organizing a series of Interactive Policy Workshops that are open to the public.

Each workshop will gather a group of 20-30 citizens, and will be dedicated to one subject.

After a brief introduction on policy formulation and the policy tools available for doing so, participants divide into smaller groups, and work to accomplish three main tasks:


1. Establish a forward-looking objective

2. Identify the main obstacles that currently prevent Lebanon from reaching this ambitious objective

3. Brainstorm about ideas and solutions for overcoming the obstacles, using the policy tools introduced


BNL launched its first workshop about the Society Pillar and the Citizen bloc on September 4, 2019.

Workshops duration are 3 hours. They are scheduled in early evenings, starting 6:30 pm, or during week-ends, starting 10:00 am.


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