Executive committee Myriam Sayah


Myriam Sayah

Myriam Sayah was born in Jbeil in 1986. She is a professional Human Resources generalist who obtained her master’s in Human resources management from Saint-Joseph University in Lebanon in 2012.
She holds a bachelor’s degree as well in Political and Administrative Sciences as well as a Diploma in training certification from that same institution.
Myriam worked for over ten years as a Human Resources Coordinator at the University’s central administration before moving to the National Bloc headquarters to manage HR and Administration.
Her passion for writing allowed her to have 3 of her English poems published in the Unites States of America. One of her French poems also won a poetry competition organized by Société des poètes français in 2004. In 2019, she published her first book “Moi, l’Autre”.
Myriam Sayah believed in the National Bloc’s vision since her early activism in 2005. She took over the party’s student council in 2008 and became a General Assembly member in 2020 before joining the executive committee in early 2021.