We ask Sayyed Nasrallah: Did you decide to move your fight inside Syria to Lebanon?

If there is a general agreement that the major decisions, or the decisive and crucial resolutions, which have repercussions on the entire Lebanese population, need a national consensus or a decision taken by the Lebanese state – such as the neutrality issue – why is the same consensus not applied to the war and peace decision-making? How acceptable is it to keep Lebanon, with both its people and institutions, abducted and at the disposal of a single party engaged in the battlefields of international axes?

After the mysterious border operation on Monday, and Hezbollah's statement confirming that the party would take revenge for the assassination of one of its members in Syria, we ask Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: Did you decide to move your fight inside Syria to Lebanon? Did you discuss it with any of your partners in your home country?

Hired mouthpieces will start accusing, all those who disagree with them, of betrayal and treason. Lebanese are fed up of this rhetoric of treason accusations, since there is not one citizen who accepts the occupation of his or her land. However, what became unacceptable is that a single party gives itself the exclusive right to decide on the means, timing, and conditions of liberation, while the whole country is dealing with their ripple effects. This evokes the words of Imam Ali Ben Abi Taleb: “Those who were intransigent in their views faded away, whereas those who negotiated with people shared their minds.”

You went to fight in Syria and other countries without any deliberation with your compatriots. You were heavily involved in the international polarizations, outside of Lebanon’s boundaries, and without any internal discussions. Do Lebanese not have the right to feel today that they are held as hostages?

Our people’s fear of new wars is legitimate, given the fact that the Lebanese are besieged by a financial crash and an economic collapse. Furthermore, you know perfectly well that the Israeli enemy, which is facing political turbulence and internal uncertainties, could escape its domestic crises by waging an external war.

Lebanon’s destruction will only benefit “Israel.” However, what will benefit Lebanon and strengthen its position in the face of any occupation and enemy, is a powerful state with strong institutions; a state of justice where citizens are equal. Only in this state, Lebanese will be a unified people, instead of peoples and sects fighting each other. The logic of statelets inside the state and internal divides, is what “Israel” wants. All those promoting the logic of quota allocations and sectarian statelets are contributing to the destruction of Lebanon, in favor of “Israel.”


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