The National Bloc: We support “Change Deputies” in restoring the Parliament’s role

The Lebanese National Bloc party released the following statement:

The "Lebanese National Bloc" party expresses its adamant support to the “Change Deputies” in their difficult mission, which begins tomorrow, Tuesday, with the election of Speaker, Deputy Speaker and members of the Parliament bureau body.

The National Bloc urges the MPs inspired by the Lebanese uprising - Representatives of Change - to assume leadership roles in the Parliament’s new bureau, through which they will be able to activate their oversight and legislative capacities and restore the legitimate role of the parliament after it has been disrupted for years under the pretexts of constitutionality, national unity governments and the logic of compromises

The transparency which our change deputies have accustomed us to in their careers must continue in the face of the pressures and blackmailing exerted by the traditional parties, and this is a condition for their continuous unity with the uprising and people to form a pressure force in the heart of the Parliament.

Tomorrow we will walk along your side through every step to the parliament because we have full confidence in you as our representatives, and the representatives of the Lebanese people!

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