The National Bloc: Today's elections proved that change is possible... Let's make it a reality on May 8 and 15

The Lebanese National Bloc party released the following statement:

The first phase of Lebanon’s 2022 parliamentary elections that started with the diaspora voting in their country of residence, is a tangible evidence of the great will for change among the Lebanese people.

It is true that the number of Lebanese registered to vote in the elections abroad has tripled compared to 2018, yet the sharp surge in the voter turnout has exceeded expectations despite the fact the majority of registered voters are still on vacation outside their places of residence.

Today's elections mark the first round of a crucial electoral battle, and it is imperative for every Lebanese resident and expatriate to participate in the change by voting, and encouraging friends and relatives who's reluctant to vote.

The voter’s turnout in the electoral process imposes on the state, the Supervisory Commission for Elections and the relevant international organizations an additional responsibility for securing ballot boxes during the transportation and monitoring the votes counting process. 

Today, the Lebanese have proven that change is possible. Let's make it a reality on May 8 and 15.


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