The National Bloc to Hezbollah’s Secretary General: Your uses and abuses of victimhood does not conceal the truth nor preserve the people’s rights

The Lebanese National Bloc party released the following statement:

The discourse of Hezbollah’s Chief Hassan Nasrallah at the electoral rally yesterday falls within his attempts to persuade the oppressed and exploit the southerners by reminding them of his party’s deeds, while they sacrificed their lives, homes and blood to defend their villages and borders.

Apparently, Nasrallah is struggling to wipe the memories of the people of south Lebanon to make them forget who is responsible for the loss of their money and future, and for the collapse of the health and education services. Perhaps he is endeavoring to make them forget that he is allied with the lords of corruption, with banks’ owners and those accountable for the tremendous hardships that were inflicted on all the Lebanese.

It is obvious that Nasrallah never misses the opportunity to talk about Lebanon's oil wealth and the hundreds of billions of dollars offshore, and always pledges to defend the natural resources by threatening Israel to prevent it from extracting them.

Why doesn’t Hassan Nasrallah talk about the abstention of the Lebanese governments, of which he was a major part, and indeed the most powerful party, from demanding full rights and from amending Decree No. 6433, related to delineating the borders of the exclusive economic zone in southern Lebanon, which relinquished more than two thousand square kilometers of Lebanese waters?

Why doesn’t he speak about the position of President Michel Aoun, his strongest ally, who refuses to sign the aforementioned decree, placing the Lebanese sovereignty as a negotiating card with the United States of America to fulfill the ambition of the pampered "son-in-law".

The Secretary General says he will prevent Israel from extracting oil and gas. Why doesn’t he tell us frankly that Israel has been extracting gas for more than 15 years, and is now self-sufficient and an exporter of natural gas.

The rhetoric of treason and injustice has become futile and will not add any credibility or benefits in this electoral battle, as now it is a battle to restore people's dignity after it has been stripped by the merchants of blood and chaos, the banks’ mafia, monopolies and smuggling.

Yes, we support the state that ensures the protection of its citizens unexceptionally at each corner of the country from the south to the north, from the Beqaa Valley, to the mountains and Beirut.

Yes, we support the state that has the exclusive rights to possess and use arms, impose its sovereignty over its entire territory, and apply the law equally to all individuals, regardless of their status.

Yes, we support the state that liberates its foreign and defense policies from regional bets and narrow personal calculations.

Yes, we strongly support the immediate transfer of the deterrent power of "Hezbollah" to the Lebanese army, so that the decision to defend our borders will be in the hands of all Lebanese through their representatives in the constitutional institutions.

Yes, we can say with a clear conscience that there is no alternative to the state in protecting the borders, building the economy and ending the economic and social collapse.

Yes, we believe in the necessity of moving out of regional and sectarian injustice to the horizon of the nation.

Yes, our project is a joint project based on trust between the Lebanese in order to build a state worthy of its honorable citizens.

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