The National Bloc: The regime's deal to evade responsibility before the judiciary and the people, has fallen through.

The Lebanese National Bloc Party released the following statement:

The political regime’s deal to evade responsibility before the judiciary and the people has fallen through. The political masquerade orchestrated on the one hand by the “Amal Movement” and “Hezbollah” portrayed in dismissing Tarek Bitar, the judge in charge of investigating the 2020 Beirut blast, to prevent him from lifting the immunity of prominent political and security figures as part of efforts to prosecute those responsible for the deadly explosion, and on the other hand, the leader of the "Free Patriotic Movement", Gibran Bassil’s attempt to strip the expatriates from their rights to vote on an equal basis with the residents, and from punishing the regime responsible for the current crisis at the polls.

The deal fell through because its parties would not make any concession in favor of the other, for fear of losing what remained of their credibility with the people, and they are the ones who lost their legitimacy after the October 17 revolution and the unprecedented crisis that hit Lebanon.

The settlement between the "Shiite duo" and the "Free Patriotic Movement" in the "Constitutional Council" has fell through. The "FPM" remains the common denominator between the “Mar Mikhael” and ‘Maarab agreements” and the presidential settlement, which has been established on populism and the abandonment of principles.

The FPM that claims on all occasions to rise up against injustice, is the same that dispensed with sovereignty, and that pretends to protect the rights of Christians, and now is seeking to market its leader “Gibran Bassil” as if he is keen on preserving the rights of the expatriates, while in reality he is sparing no efforts to deprive them of the right to vote for the 128 deputies and to drop the constitutional principle based on the equality of all citizens.

Yes, the logic of quotas and draining the institutions has turned against its masters and they have become unable to save themselves through settlements that have become unacceptable to Lebanese people, who have retained the rights to hold the criminal and corrupt system accountable.

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