The National Bloc: The government of failure approves demolition of wheat silos damaged in port blast to cover up the heinous crime

The Lebanese National Bloc party released the following statement:

The Cabinet met yesterday for the first time after signing a preliminary agreement with the International Monetary Fund. Certainly, and as usual, the meeting proved to be futile as it failed to agree on a draft amendment to the bank secrecy law, to bring it in line with the International Monetary Fund requirements. While on the pressing livelihood issue, it also failed to develop a plan to address the exasperating wheat crisis amid a financial collapse and lack of social protection. But the irony is, the parties of the failed government agreed to demolish the wheat silos at the port of Beirut, the living witness to their crime.

The cabinets’ arbitrary decision to demolish the silos, despite a strong opposition from the victims' families, and the Order of Engineers and Architects support for the preservation of silos as witness ruins, is an aggravated attempt to obstruct the investigation, to deflect guilt, cover up the heinous crime, evade accountability and erase the massacre from the people’s memory.

The "National Bloc" affirms its complete solidarity with the families of the victims in challenging the government’s decision to demolish the silos, as the city’s memory is not made by a failed government, but by its people through their sacrifices, struggles, survival and success in creating a better future.

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